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Shoulder ride orgasm

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Chloe loves riding her human pony! Why should she have to go through the bother of waking when she Shoulder ride orgasm ride on the shoulders of a sturdy male mount? She rides her mount around the grounds, appreciating a lovely day. When Chloe gets bored, she goes inside.

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Just as she leaves, Mia comes out for her turn. The pony is exhausted, but he must let Mia also ride him. Mia enjoys the good weather and loves not having to walk. Much better to let the male tire than tire herself with exertion. Mia had so much fun, she wants to get Chloe again.

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The two will take turns riding the human pony about the grounds all day. Naturally Kandy does not tolerate a sub standard effort though so the pony knows he must perform.

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The trees are full of delicious black berries so she has pony stop along the way so she can get the best berries Shoulder ride orgasm the top branches.

She pulls one branch off and uses it to flog the pony. She sits on his back and says he has a few seconds and then he will take her into the woods this time on all fours.

Part 1 is the shoulder riding, housecleaning, and spitting section of this clip. No boot worship in part 1! Shoulder ride orgasm he carries her on his shoulders, she makes him stop to do squats, crop in hand to ensure he does things exactly as she requires.

She instructs him to high step and then makes him gallop. Jasmine looks very royal on her mount and says she could ride all day. The pony carries her quite a distance down a nice long trail, and when Jasmine wants speed, she simply crops his backside. She decides Shoulder ride orgasm wants to ride on his back now.

Finally we see a third trick from the pony to go along with his shoulder riding and ponyback techniques.

The camera only shows a view of the road until suddenly the pony appears on the horizon, carrying Miss Jasmine with his front legs arms. He carries her all the way down the trail, back to her vehicle.

Judy spends hours a day pumping iron, and after a workout enjoys sitting her rock-solid body Shoulder ride orgasm the shoulders of her pet pony and going for a ride.

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The scene opens with Judy standing on the table and flexing her muscles until she calls her ponyboy over with a whistle. She mounts him and has him walk around the house before sending him over to the Shoulder ride orgasm.

He has to carry her all the way up, walk the hallways, and then head back down. When he reaches the bottom step she instructs him Shoulder ride orgasm turn around and go back up. Judy does not speak a lot but is firm with her commands and the pony obeys each one.

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As he climbs them once more, she asks if he likes having her sexy, muscular legs wrapped around his neck. She orders him to move faster and he runs up and down the steps.

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When he reaches the bottom, she orders him back up again and he attempts full speed, stumbling slightly. Judy is not satisfied, however, and sends him up again at full speed.

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Forget about being man enough, are you horse enough to give Lady Bellatrix the kind of ride she deserves and demands? This is not a big pony by any means, and in the summer heat you can already Shoulder ride orgasm him laboring. The pony has barely Shoulder ride orgasm a chance to sit on a nearby rock when she tells him to get back up; she has only been teasing him.

So, back up he gets! She rewards him by giving him a head scissor, resting on his back, and then pushing his head into the grass so he can munch some of it.

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He starts to neigh like a good little horsey. Bellatrix reminds him again that he will need to carry her fat friends, and simply hearing her talk about it seems to sap the last bit of his energy… and then he goes down. Bellatrix stamps her foot on his head, kicks him, then pushes him over. Riding Women — Three Trick Pony.

Starring Miss Judy Judy spends hours a day pumping iron, and after a workout enjoys sitting her rock-solid body on the shoulders of her pet pony and going Shoulder ride orgasm a ride.