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Patron saints of marriage

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I also know I can turn to God for strength, for He founded the institution of marriage and speaks often to it in His Word.

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And then there are the Saints —the great men and women of history who lived out their love for Jesus and remain shining examples of what it means to serve God. While we may think of saints as priests or nuns who lived celibate lives, many of them were also married and parents and lived in circumstances that look remarkably like our own.

This Canadian saint was born in and lived and studied with the Ursulines in Quebec for a couple years.

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She married at age 21, but her husband proved unfaithful and when he died, left her with six children and his debts. Margeurite opened a store to support herself and her children, and often helped those poorer than herself.

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She is the patron saint of difficult marriages and her feast day is October Daily Guidance and Inspiration. He was married twice; his first wife, Jane, gave him four children and then died young and his second wife, Alice, was a widow who devoted herself to his children. Both marriages were happy.

Patron saints of marriage His feast day is June 22 and he is the patron saint of difficult marriages, large families, step-parents and adopted children, and widowers. Her husband was a bad-tempered, adulterous man for whom Monica prayed devoutly. He converted on his death bed and Monica then followed Augustine from North Africa to Rome, where she was rewarded with seeing his conversion as well.

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She died in in Ostia, Italy, and her feast day is August She is the patron saint of difficult marriages, housewives and homemakers, married women, widows, and victims of adultery and verbal abuse. Born in and named for her great-aunt, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, this Aragon princess married the King of Portugal at age He admired her devotion to the Church and gave her a large library, Patron saints of marriage was an immoral, unfaithful husband.

Elizabeth prayed for him and continued to love, respect and obey him while also carrying out other charitable work, including offering marriage dowries for girls and founding a home for penitent women. She also interceded in family disputes, preventing several wars.

She was canonized in and her feast day is July 4.

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