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Gibbs dinozzo spank many people begged for a sequel, I decided to oblige them. Only I'm taking it one step further and creating a series! Here is the second installment. Hope you guys enjoy it as much Gibbs dinozzo spank you did the first one.

Sorry for not posting in a while, school has been hectic. I have eight classes and am double majoring so please forgive me if I take a while to update.

Also there might not be spanking in every story in this series. Tony woke to the sweet smell of Maple syrup and Banana pancakes. Rolling over, he was surprised to find that his backside wasn't sore. Last night had certainly been a wakeup call for him.

Warnings: Spanking of an adult,...

Gibbs actually spanking him was embarrassing. Then again, he no longer carried the guilt of disobeying the man with him. Besides, last night had been so much more than he had expected. Gibbs not only spanked him for not following his rules, God he's such a Dad, he also comforted him before and after the spanking when he was so nervous. And it was an actual spanking. After last night, Tony didn't think Gibbs was capable of such violence toward him.

Tony looked up at his boss expecting to find disappointment in Gibbs dinozzo spank ice blue eyes, but all he found was concern. Why would Gibbs be worried about him? Tony had to look away from the penetrating gaze. That blue stare seemed to see into his very soul. When Gibbs sat on the edge of the bed and lifted his face with two fingers he almost cried at the tenderness of the gesture. His parents had never treated him with such care after a beating, yet Gibbs was doing just that.

Maybe Gibbs wouldn't hold one lapse in judgment against him. Maybe the man believed in forgiveness that his parents had never even heard of. Gibbs cupped the Gibbs dinozzo spank of the young agent's neck and head with his right hand and cursed the kid's parents.

They didn't deserve the title. Of course Tony thought he'd be angry still. His parents had probably held onto their anger towards him as long as they could. Being angry with him kept him Gibbs dinozzo spank a distance; cementing that anger with a thick leather belt slicing into the boys behind insured further distancing.

Tony stormed after Gibbs following...

I was worried and scared, but I wasn't angry. I would never spank you while I was angry. That serves no purpose. It only hurts you more.

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If and when I spank you again I won't be angry while I'm doing it. I'll send you up here or send you out so I can cool off.

Did I seem angry last night? Tony shook his head no and took a deep breath. Gibbs was impatient, sure, but he was rarely angry with him. It means Gibbs dinozzo spank if you ever put yourself in unnecessary danger again I'll take you over my knee, drop your pants and spank you red with my hairbrush. Losing you because you want to empress someone isn't on my too do list. He and Gibbs Gibbs dinozzo spank a nice chat about him still being grounded for another week and the charity basketball league Tony played in.

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Gibbs was surprised to learn that while his newest agent kept it hidden, he was coaching the children's league version of the charity league. Children played for a different charity each week. The proceeds from the games went to Gibbs dinozzo spank charities. Half the price of admission and a quarter of the concession venders profit saw its way to some form of charity.

In Baltimore most people just thought I did it to make myself look good. It was easier than trying to explain the real reason. Gibbs chuckled at the childlike tone. His tough agent sounded Gibbs dinozzo spank a small five year old. It was rather amusing. Tony's eyes lit up as he and Gibbs both laughed the tone. They had more money than God yet they never gave anything back.

I don't want to be like that.

I may not have their money, but I have time and patience on my side. That's got to count for something. The seriousness in Tony's eyes told Gibbs all he needed to know. Tony felt guilty for his parent's shortcomings as well as his own. No one should have to make up for what Gibbs dinozzo spank parents did or didn't do. Especially someone as kind hearted as Tony.

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The boy felt the pain of everyone he met. He was empathetic to the nth degree.

I do it because there are people out there who the extra help. The kids I coach need someone in their lives and I guess that's me.

And you if you'll help. You'd be great with them, Gibbs! Gibbs stared at the kid for a fraction of a second before making his decision. He could learn more about Tony this way without seeming like a noisy old busy body.

It would be perfect. The smile Tony flashed him was dazzling.

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