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Low-effort novelty accounts that do not constructively contribute content or add to discussion e. For more in-depth explanations of the rules, view sticky! How to make your own animated gifs? Hikers run Funny hiking gif Obama i. That would probably be a sweet ass job. I Funny hiking gif former president is a lot better. I could see just chilling out on a Texas ranch, sipping some tea, watching that wacky fucker do his finger painting. Theres quite a bit of psychology research papers on his speech, Bush was a master at words actually.

His English is great. That whole Texas thing he had going was a gimmick. The dude was a politician, an academic. Laugh all you want now.

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I view this man almost as a saint by comparison to our current pile of hate shaped as as flabby human creature. Oh man, the ESPN 30 for 30 they did on that gets me every time: That was always the crazy part to me.

Everyone watching, boom right down the middle. I was really impressed at the arm on 'ol GW. I mean, it wasn't a long throw or anything, but it had some heat, and was perfectly executed. As a former ballplayer, I am always instantly super annoyed when I see a celebrity or actor try to imitate throwing a baseball Funny hiking gif it's beyond obvious they can't throw for shit. GW's arm is legit. Now I'm just imagining George Bush in his footy pjs on the floor with his apple juice and excitingly showing the agent his latest painting and asking if he could hang Funny hiking gif on the fridge.

Although it could also be more busy. Where in the White house its maybe a constant grind day to day.

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But for former Presidents I imagine there are spurts that are incredibly busy. But then you eventually return and it slows back down. I would also think even if there are less active threats, Funny hiking gif team stationed with a Former President is most definitely smaller, so each agent would be responsible for more duties. I imagine the biggest concern for Obama would be that someone would try to kidnap him and force him back into the White House.

On the other hand if you're the type of person who becomes secret service, you might find it boring. Probably depends on the circumstance.

I bet hanging with Obama is much more fun than spending all day watching GHWB tell bad jokes from his wheelchair. And then Carter got terminal brain cancer and they were all like whew at least we'll get a break and sit around a hospital room for a while and Carter was like hold my beer.

I'm sure it's a little embarrassing being the one who has to carry his matchbox cars but it is an important job. If it's to pick between the current active president and the latest former president, it's not even fair. Hanging out with Trump all day, probably forced to say, "Good one, sir" every time he cracks a joke when we Funny hiking gif know it was in fact not a good one. It makes you think. If I didn't remember Zapp saying it, I assumed it was Donald.

Apparently I remember futurama lines well. That was pretty easy, mostly because a lot of the Zapp quotes were intelligently phrased idiocy. In my defense, I'm sure Trump has said "Mr. President, what the hell?! The key is I don't think our current "Mr. President" would ever have had the Funny hiking gif to address a past "Mr. In the game of chess international diplomacy, you can never let your adversary see your pieces. I would hope it's less relaxed now. Hell they almost let Obama get attacked a couple times during Funny hiking gif presidency.

This made me think of a slightly related event that happened during Obama's Presidency: I think it's worth reminding people of this because his cause was actually very genuine, and I try to bring him attention when I can:. If you don't live here, you might not know how seriously we take this," she said, referring to national security concerns. Before the sentence was handed down, Hughes said he was remorseful, and apologized to police, tourists who were scared and his family.

But he said he had no regrets for the flight bringing attention to the corruption of money in politics. Martin Luther King Jr.

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For landing his gyrocopter on the White House lawn, he was sentenced to only 4 months in prison. His intention was to deliver a letter addressed to every single member of Congress.

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