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A 23-Year-Old Woman Born Without A Vagina Receives One Made Out Of Tilapia Fish Skin

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A woman born without a vagina has become the first in the magic to undergo pioneering reconstructive surgery — using the skin of tilapia fish.

She underwent the insurgent procedure, known as neovaginoplasty, in north east Brazil last year. Medics opened a space between her vagina and anus and inserted a tubular fashion lined with the outer layer of the freshwater fish. Before being used, the fish skin undergoes a special cleaning and sterilisation process in the lab followed by irradiation to kill viruses.

The prepare removes all the scales and fish smell and results in a light-coloured gel dressing that can be stored for up to two years in refrigerated sterile packaging. The young university student from Lavras da Mangabeira, was diagnosed in her teens with having no cervix, uterus, ovaries or womb. At the age of 15 she was affirmed the crushing news there was nothing but connective tissue behind the outer layer blocking the opening of her vagina.

She spiralled into a deep discouragement fearing she would not ever experience an intimate and loving relationship. This worsened when a teenage boyfriend mocked and broke-up with her after discovering the disorder.

But last year, six months after agreeing to become the senior of four women to have the experimental emerge from, Ms Marinho had coupling for the first month in her life with her partner Marcus Santos, 24, who she has been with for more than a year and who has supported her right through. Neovaginaplasty, using fish derma, has a faster reclamation rate with no seeable scar tissue.

Research shows that tilapia skin, normally thrown away as a waste product, contains beneficent amounts of moisture and is rich in collagen type 1, a protein that promotes healing.

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By October , her doctors gave her permission to have sex for the first time in her life with her supportive boyfriend, Marcus Santos. But it was a wonderful moment because everything worked perfectly. After three months recuperating from her operation, in October last year she was given the all-clear to start having sex with her partner Marcus Santos, 24, who has supported her through it all.

Since , scientists at the UFC Research and Development of Medicines Nucleus coordinated by Professor Odorico Moraes, have been trialing a radical procedure that uses the moisture-filled skin of the freshwater fish to heal more than victims with severe burns — with notable success. Student Jucilene Marinho, 23, underwent the procedur - called a neovaginoplasty - in April and said it has made her feel like a 'proper woman'.

It has been used for three years to treat burns victims and Dr Bezerra decided to try to make a vagina. With all its success, doctors are now working towards offering the treatment in multiple medical centres across Brazil and the world, once clinical studies have been completed.

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Is there any perfume that can turn on the mood of a person? Some girls are born without a vagina and for one Brazilian student groundbreaking surgery gave her a new one made from fish skin. disorder has been the first in the world to receive a vagina using tilapia fish skin. She agreed to become the first of four women to have the..

  • Woman born without vagina gets one made from tilapia fish skin affects approximately one in 5, newborn girls and results in the absence.
  • four girls logo Center Bacterial vaginosis is a type of vaginal infection. If you have BV you'll get a prescription for a vaginal cream, gel, or a. Jucilene went to hospital to get a vagina made out of fish skin Picture: disorder that affects approximately one in 5, newborn girls. It results.
  • Woman born without a vagina has one created using tilapia fish skin | Metro News
  • Woman Born Without A Vagina Has Been Given One Using Tilapia Fish Skin - LADbible
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Girls get fish in the vagina

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