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Christian friendship fellowship online

Porn tube Christian friendship fellowship online.

Friendship is ultimately what people need in order to have fulfilled happy lives.

FaithFriend is dedicated to helping...

Ask anyone what they think they need to be happy and if they are being honest with themselves they will say friends. Friends are people that come along side us and a real friend is someone that is not only there during the good times - but there Christian friendship fellowship online thick and thin!

Christian friendship is modelled best by Jesus himself when you look at his relationship with the disciples whom he loved even when they dispayed signes of being thouroughly human - ie letting him down as they did on many an occasion.

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See to Christ this was not the important factor - humans are humans and will always be fallible while on the earth. No, what Jesus was trying to show them and instill in them was the quality of faithfulness which is something that needs to be done and doesn't happen automatically.

Sure we're all failthful to friends when times are good or if they are the coolest person to know - but what about when they are not the coolest kid on the block - what about when they have no money and when they are down and out.

Nobody loves you when you're down and out as the song goes - is based on a very human instinct. Well thats the very challeng that makes Christian friends different or should make them different!

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