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Famous international couples

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When two people come Famous international couples to make the perfect match—be it your married-for-decades grandparents or one of many famous couples embracing on the big screen—it sparks all the feels.

These pics of famous couples will make your heart skip a beat. Beyond the glitz and glam of the red carpet, stages and silver screens, famous Hollywood couples share a bond that feels larger than life. There was a time when the Queen Bey was just another single lady, but with a relationship that took time to blossom, one of most famous music couples is now Crazy in Love.

Long before the volleyball, Tom Hanks fell in love with a different Wilson—his longtime partner and fellow actor Rita Wilson. David Bowie and Iman, Married 24 Years: She may be the first African- American billionaire, but long before Oprah became a household name, she fell richly in love with longtime partner Stedman Graham.

The two have not tied the knot, but their decades-long partnership demonstrates their dedication to one another. Quite possibly one of the most famous lesbian couples today, Ellen and Portia connected over the love of animals, vegan food and of course, one another. Not seeing the need to make their relationship official through marriage, Hawn and Russell have been inseparable for more than three decades. The duo that makes up one of the Famous international couples famous gay couples is so perfectly paired that they are both Geminis, they both wear the same Famous international couples shoe and clothing, and are the same weight and height.

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After hitting a rocky patch in their year marriage, the two got back on track together by renewing their vows in a very small home ceremony in January of How Famous international couples you not love when an on-screen romance becomes IRL? But it only took four months of dating British Humanitarian Lawyer Amal Alamuddin to know it was Famous international couples to take himself off the market.

There may have never been—or ever will be—a more perfectly matched pair as Hepburn and Tracy. But however true that may be, when it comes to famous couples, these two were never actually an item.

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The duo headlined nine movies together, but they were more than just an actor and his leading lady. They had Famous international couples off-screen love affair, but because Tracy never divorced from his estranged wife, he and Hepburn never lived together or married. When real life makes love messy, we can turn to the silver screen to find those magical emotions.

Get swept away with the scripted love of these famous couples in movies. And afterwards, it did. I don't think it would be snowing now if he weren't still up there. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it. True love endures through the centuries! Sparks often flew between this crown-wearing couple, be it their passionate sexual attraction for one another which led to nine children! Pierre and Marie Curie, Married 10 Years: Known for their Mexican art, the relationship between these two painters was not without its problems.

Often fighting and cheating on one another, this famous artist couple Famous international couples, but proved that love wins when they remarried a year later. Mildred and Richard Loving, Married 16 Famous international couples This famous interracial couple proves loves sees no color.

The duo was arrested in for violating the Racial Integrity Act ofwhich forbade interracial marriage. While the marriage was legal in D.

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