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The Arab world Arabic: In the Middle Ages, the Arab world was synonymous with the historic Arab empires and caliphates. Arab nationalism arose in the second half of the 19th century along with other nationalist movements within the Ottoman Empire.

The Arab League was formed in to represent the interests of Arab people and especially to pursue the political unification of the Arab countries; a project known as Pan-Arabism. The linguistic and political denotation inherent in the term Arab is generally dominant over genealogical considerations. In Arab states, Modern Standard Arabic is the only language used by the government.

Darija is spoken and, to various extents, mutually understood in the Maghreb countries, especially Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, but it is unintelligible to speakers of other Arabic dialects, mainly for those in Egypt and the Middle East. Although no Big arab sex accepted definition of the Arab world exists, [6] all countries that are members of the Arab League are generally acknowledged as being part of the Arab world.

The Arab League is a regional organisation that aims among other things to consider in Big arab sex general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries and sets out the following definition of an Arab:. An Arab is a person whose language is Arabic, who lives in an Arabic country, and who is in sympathy with the aspirations of the Arabic people.

This standard territorial definition is sometimes seen to be inappropriate [19] or problematic, [20] and may be supplemented with certain additional elements see ancillary linguistic definition below. Big arab sex an alternative to, [22] or in combination with, [6] the standard territorial definition, the Arab world may be defined as consisting of peoples and states united to at least some degree by Arabic language, culture or geographic contiguity, [23] or those states or territories in which the majority of the population speaks Arabic, and thus may also include populations of the Arab diaspora.

When an ancillary linguistic definition is used in combination with the standard territorial definitionvarious parameters may be applied [ clarification needed ] to determine whether a state or territory should be included in this alternative definition of the Arab world. These parameters may be applied [ clarification needed ] to the states and territories of the Arab League which constitute the Arab world under the standard definition and to other states and territories.

Typical Big arab sex that may be applied include: While Arabic dialects are spoken in a number of Arab League states, Literary Arabic is official in all of them. Several states have declared Arabic to be an official or national languagealthough Arabic is today not as widely spoken there. As members of the Arab League, however, they are considered part of the Arab world under the standard territorial definition.

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Somalia has two official languages today, Arabic and Somaliboth of which belong to the larger Afro-Asiatic language family. Although Arabic is widely spoken by many people in the north and urban areas in the south, Somali is the most widely used language, and contains many Arabic loan words. Similarly, Djibouti has two official languages, Arabic and French. It also has several formally recognized Big arab sex languages; besides Somali, many Big arab sex speak Afarwhich is also an Afro-Asiatic language.

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The majority of the population speaks Somali and Afar, although Arabic is also widely used for trade and other activities. Comoros has three official languages: Arabic, Comorian and French.

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Comorian is the most widely spoken language, with Arabic having a religious significance, and French being associated with the educational system. ChadEritrea [26] and Israel all recognize Arabic as an official language, but none of them is a Big arab sex of the Arab League, although both Chad and Eritrea are observer states of the League with possible future membership and have large populations of Arabic speakers.

Israel is not part of the Arab world. By some definitions, [21] [27] Arab citizens of Israel may concurrently be considered a constituent part of the Arab world. Iran has about 1.

Mali and Senegal recognize Hassaniyathe Arabic dialect of the Moorish ethnic minority, as a national language. Additionally, Malta, though not part of the Arab world, has as its official language Maltese.

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The language is grammatically akin to Maghrebi Arabic. In the Arab world, Modern Standard Arabicderived from Classical Arabic symptomatic of Arabic diglossiaserves as an official language in the Arab League states, and Arabic dialects are used as lingua franca. Various indigenous languages are Big arab sex spoken, which predate the spread of the Arabic language.

This contrasts with the situation in the wider Islamic worldwhere, in contiguous Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Big arab sex Perso-Arabic script is used and Arabic is the primary liturgical language, but the tongue is not official at the state level or spoken as a vernacular. Arabs constitute around one quarter of the 1. The majority of people in the Arab world adhere to Islamand the religion has official status in most countries.

Shariah law exists partially in the legal system in some countries especially in the Arabian peninsulawhile others are legislatively secular. The majority of the Arab countries adhere to Sunni Islam. Iraq and Bahrainhowever, are Shia majority countries, while LebanonYemenand Big arab sex have large Shia minorities. CopticMaronite and Assyrian Christian [ disambiguation needed ] enclaves exist in the Nile Valley, Levant and northern Iraq respectively.

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