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Chuck sits motionlessly at the back of a crowded French Quarter bar, near the bathrooms.

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He plucked the strands around his neck from the gutter. He looks at his hands miserably and thinks about his son, back in the hotel room. Women would talk to them if Ross were here, being all cute and teenager-y and corruptible. I came here to do something, Chuck thinks.

But his only achievements are eating and drinking to excess. Like a parade, the good times have rolled right past him.

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And though many women have joined Chuck in his barroom banquette, they were only waiting for the bathroom. Another girl sits down beside Chuck and he figures she too is waiting Mari gra boob painting the bathroom. Some of the paint has come off her nipples and Chuck can see tender ridges of pink beneath blue and flaking green.

To his surprise, she lifts his hand and places within it the small, warm fact of her breast.

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Oh please God, Chuck thinks. Chuck removes his hand. She stops shaking her boobs.

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He watches her step back and take in his side-part, his gentle Mari gra boob painting fold, his pleated chinos. He knows what he looks like, but cash is cash.

I just came out so we could talk. She shakes her head. Together they scurry through the French Quarter alleys like lovers or rats. Suddenly, Chuck is sick. He tries to hold it in but vomit splatters the bricks between his loafers. Though she is clearly disgusted. Thank God, he thinks, for girls with cash flow problems.

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Then we can have a drink at the bar and you can decide. Either way, you can keep the money. It is eleven-thirty, the eleventh hour.

Chuck resolves to be satisfied with gristle and bones.