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How to get over an addictive relationship

Naked Pictures How to get over an addictive relationship.

You're in a bad relationship, but for some reason you don't get out.

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Learn how to recognize and deal with addictive relationships. It is often very hard to end a love relationship even when you know it is bad for you.

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A "bad" relationship is not the kind that is going through the usual periods of disagreement and disenchantment that are inevitable when two separate people come together. A bad relationship is one that involves continual frustration ; the relationship seems to have potential but that potential is always just out of reach.

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In fact, the attachment in such relationships is to someone who is "unattainable" in the sense that he or she is committed to someone elsedoesn't want a committed relationship, or is incapable of one. Bad relationships are chronically lacking in what one or both partners need. Such relationships can destroy self-esteem and prevent those involved from moving on in their careers or personal lives.

They are often fertile breeding grounds for loneliness, rage, and despair. In bad relationships, the two partners are often on such different wave-lengths that there is little common ground, little significant communication, and little enjoyment of each other.

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Remaining in a bad relationship not only causes continual stress, but may even be physically harmful. An obvious harm is the physical abuse that is often a part of such relationships.

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In a less obvious way, however, the tensions and chemical changes caused by the constant stress can drain energy and lower resistance to physical illness. Continuing in such bad relationships can lead to unhealthy escapes such as alcohol or drug abuse and can even lead to suicide attempts.

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Despite the pain of these relationships, many rational and practical people find that they are unable to leave, even though they know the relationship is bad for them. One part of them wants out but a seemingly stronger part refuses or feels helpless to take any action. It is in this sense that the relationships are "addictive. Listed below are several signs of an addictive relationship.

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Consider whether they apply to you. If some of these signs apply to you, you may be in an addictive relationship and have lost the capacity to direct your own life.

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To move toward recovery, your first steps must be to recognize that you are "hooked" and then try to understand the basis of your addiction. In this way, you gain the perspective to determine whether, in reality, the relationship can be improved or whether you need to leave it. There are several factors that can influence your decision to remain in a bad relationship.

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At the most superficial level are practical considerations such as financial entanglement, shared living quarters, potential impact on children, feared disapproval from others, and possible disruption in academic performance or career plans.

At a deeper level are the beliefs you hold about relationships in general, about this specific relationship, and about yourself.

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These beliefs may take the form of learned societal messages such as "Love is forever," "You are a failure if you end a relationship," "Being alone is terrible," and "You should never hurt anyone. At the deepest level are unconscious feelings which can keep you stuck.

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These feelings develop early in childhood, often operate without your awareness, and can exert considerable influence on your life. Children need to be loved, nurtured, and encouraged in their independence. To the extent that parents are successful in doing this, their children will be able to feel secure as adults in moving in and out of relationships.

To the extent that these needs are not met their children may be left feeling "needy" as adults and may thus be more vulnerable to dependent relationships.

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