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But when she reminded me how old she was, I became extra impressed. Who are you, and what are your current stats in these most recent pictures?

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I am a 59 year old female. I weigh anywhere from lbs. The strength numbers include the weight on the bar 45 lbs. The reps are anywhere from 2 to 8, depending on my program.

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The numbers are all listed below:. How long have you been training, and what made you want to start in the first place? The first time around I trained for 10 years. Fast forward 10 more years. This is my second time training and it has been for 1 year now. I bought a book that had rubber bands attached to the back Muscular mature woman the book. This is circa and back then you could only get bands through mail order.

There was no tubing yet. I had a goal of looking like the woman who wrote the book. We have similar body types, so I knew it was a reasonable goal. I told them they were wrong and that I had them. So, I decided to join a gym to see where it would lead. I got very Muscular mature woman, much larger and defined within a few short months. What are your current goals? I used Muscular mature woman mostly maintain weight. More cardio, of course. When you pick up a weight, you gain muscle.

You need to do something besides lifting small weights in the standard 15 reps Muscular mature woman, to achieve anything. I can build muscle on as little as 2 workouts per muscle group per week2 exercises per body part and as little as 2 repetitions. Aerobics is subjective and should be performed according to what works for you, as a fat burner. Everyone should do a little, for cardiovascular reasons.

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This is what strength Muscular mature woman is. One must get stronger. The internet has a wealth of information and you should ask those guys for a little advice. They love to be helpful. This will naturally tuck in your stomach and you will feel and look slimmer and have tons of self-confidence because it makes you feel good. Like anything else, it takes practice because you should be walking tall, at all times.

Give it a try.

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So at 59 years old, what advice would you give to women and men who start using their age as an excuse or crutch when they hit anything over 40? It fits right in there with procrastination and other excuses we Muscular mature woman not to do things that help us. My bench press in was 95 lbs. I had been working out for over 1 year. After 9 months, I now bench 85 lbs. I think people just need to give it a go.

Do your research first on types of routines best suited for you especially if you have a medical condition or nagging or chronic joint pain and take it slow. Weightlifting is progressive, in every sense of the word.

Unlike bodybuilding, the movements are slow and controlled with plenty of time in between sets to recover.

That might be a bit easier. So, people no matter what age should start slow and progress slow. Buy some rubber Muscular mature woman tubing and work out at home, buy a video of exercises that look enjoyable to you. See how you can take it a bit further and improve.

Have fun with it.

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Great final answer, and great answers all around! Thanks for being willing to share your story and experience with us.

In addition to everything you just saw, Rayca will be checking back in again in the future to update us on her progress as she works to get leaner.

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It was simply something to do to past the time while I was the military and to have a strength edge in martial arts. I began to perceive going to the gym would be like going to another job!

Days became weeks, weeks months, Muscular mature woman decades or more missed because of my messed up mindset. OMG, this was so inspirational for me! I am going to be 45 yrs old this year and am the heaviest and most out of shape of my life.

I joined a 6-day per week class to jump start and motivate me just 3 days ago. I started my Muscular mature woman blog site to share my experience daily, which is Muscular mature woman truthful, raw and sometimes hilarious and am finding tons of people that are going through or have gone through the exact same things but were too embarrassed to share them.

THX for sharing your story and I will be following your story! This website is a God send and I will be putting many of your suggestions into practice throughout my journey. I did this article for you and those like you who want to challenge themselves, at any age.

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Thanks for posting and good luck to you! Could you please share your diet with me? I am 51 and eat a mostly whole foods, plant based Muscular mature woman but also consume lean protein. I drink only water and tea. I have been active in different ways for years but menopause really hit me hard!

I lift 3 times a week and do HIIT twice a week.

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I also walk miles times a week with my dogs and husband. Weight training has been my main focus these last few months and I understand the need to lift heavy and progress. I am a 59 year old woman too.

I am so inspired to ramp it up! Rayca, thanks for showing me what is Muscular mature woman How inspirational you are Rayca! Have been working out at least 30 of my 48 years. Even taught aerobics in the day, am now reduced to Yoga and Pilates based teachings due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Please keep us updated! YOU, Michele, are inspirational. I am lifting now and am 45 years old.

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This is inspiring and makes me feel less anxious about lifting into my later years! Thank you for sharing! I turned 48 yesterday. An ex boyfriend got me into lifting in I kept with it for about 4 years…then I quit and never got back into it seriously until yesterday.

Thanks, and if this makes it out there, my wish is that women realize what they have in them, and start making the time for themselves to be the healthy, happy people they are on the inside. Glad to hear Muscular mature woman Peggy.

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And yes, muscle memory is VERY real. Muscle can be regained much faster than it was gained initially. It was off the chart!!! Best of luck to all the ladies out there who are going to turn over a new leaf and start serious exercise!!!! I want to be Rayca, But Im just the opposite as of today.

I hold on to to this dream of being Muscular mature woman in my fifties. Is it just a dream, or is possible for Anybody???? I sure hope so….

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YES it is possible to achieve a fine physique in your 50s and beyond. Weight training is the Muscular mature woman way to shape your body, get strong and turn back the clock. Rayca is truly inspirational and a great role model for anybody regardless of age and gender. I am 50 years old and in better shape than when I was Throughout my marriage I neglected myself, gained weight and became weak.

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I had sore back and sciatic pain, also, I was diagnosed with osteopenia. Porn videos of muscle MILFs. Mature muscular women showing off their sexy muscle in topless and nude XXX videos!. View Stock Photo of Muscular Mature Woman Exercising In Front Of Gym Mirror.

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