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But they now took place by day, in various hiding-places, with little unclothing or exposure, and my companion was cold and fastidious and repelled any warmth on my part; it became to me a dry sort of ritual. He stuck out his tongue and pressed it against her clit. It scarcely seems to me, therefore, that these curves present anyconvincing evidence in this case of a monthly ecbolic cycle (and,therefore, I refrain from reproducing them), although they seem to suggestsuch a cycle.

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The character of the correspondence was such as the average healthy man would address to a woman with whom he was enamored. The serious drinking games started and we all got quiet drunk. As I felt her juice coming onto my leg, I just went for her snatch.

There can be little doubt that, as many previous observers have found,inversion tends strongly to be associated with sexual precocity.

Among the Balinese, according to Jacobs(as quoted by Ploss and Bartels), masturbation is general; in the boudoirof many a Bali beauty, he adds, and certainly in every harem, may be founda wax penis to which many hours of solitude are devoted.

So far we have encountered only a general, not an individualised, sexualinstinct and, in a limited measure at least, a struggling tendencytowards individualisation.

I do not know what the clergymen I met thought of me.

This ‘showing-off’ in the boy lover is the forerunner of the skilful, purposive, and elaborate means of self-exhibition in the adult male and the charming coquetry in the adult female, in their love-relations. (Journal of Mental Science, October, 1888.) She wanted to know why I cancelled the ambulance.