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After a brief stop in her office adjacent to the main library floor, Elena headed for her blue Camry and the short drive into town. Freshmen are often optimistic about turning their high school relationship into a long distance one. As we have seen in the two previous chapters, sexual inversion cannot beregarded as essentially an insane or psychopathic state.255 But it isfrequently associated with nervous conditions which may be greatlybenefited by hygiene and treatment, without any attempt at all to overcomea homosexual attitude which may be too deeply rooted to be changed.

Brian had no difficulty understanding that.

It is a newemotion: neither the chaste worship of the Madonna, nor thesexually-mystic striving to embrace with the soul.

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Forel, who was also anauthority on hypnotism, was equally doubtful as to its value in relationto inversion, especially in clearly inborn cases. There are also some verses on the subject, as follows:“The love of a woman who sees the marks of nails on the private parts ofher body, even though they are old and almost worn out, becomes againfresh and new. Don’t give up, just yet! In matters of faith,liberty of prophesying was centuries since eloquently vindicated forEnglishmen; the liberty of investigating facts is still called inquestion, under one pretence or another, and to seek out the most vitalfacts of life is still in England a perilous task. For purely psychological investigation he had no liking, andprobably no aptitude.

While I was working at college I was interested in a lad who was working as errand boy for a city firm. Way back when I was eighteen. The man may easily enough bedeceived; her own heart a woman can never deceive.

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