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Andrea let her leg fall from between Rebecca’s legs to better hold Rebecca up. Irone and ionone are closely similar in composition to oil of turpentine which when taken into the body is partly converted into perfume and gives a strong odor of violets to the urine.

I gave no heed to this at the time, though I remembered it in after-years when immersed in Plato, Lucretius, and the Epicurean writers.

It may, however, be worth suggesting that certain compounds, such as the volatile sulphides and the indoles, have very unpleasant odors because they are normal constituents of mammalian excreta and of putrefied animal products; the repulsive odors may be simply necessary results of evolutionary processes.”

I officially hated dentists.

He sees in a “pronounced impersonality the moststriking characteristic of the Far East”, “the foundation on which theOriental character is built up.”