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At the age of 13 I menstruated, a fact that caused me shame and anger. Marie de France, a French mediæval writer of the twelfth century, who spent a large part of her life in England, in the Lai of Lanval thus described a beautiful woman: “Her body was beautiful, her hips low, the neck whiter than snow, the eyes gray (vairs), the face white, the mouth beautiful, the nose well placed, the eyebrows brown, the forehead beautiful, the head curly and blonde; the gleam of gold thread was less bright than her hair beneath the sun.” I used to jest frequently with my father, as from my seventeenth year my penis was larger than his. The change of gender of the supremesymbol of divinity, the sun, can only be explained by the fact that inthe period of woman-worship the highest value was no longer felt as malebut as female, that secretly a goddess had usurped the place of a god. They used to consummate their passion in a part of a wood they called the bower.

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205 Hyades and Deniker, Mission Scientifique du Cap Horn, vol.

That’s why we do the legwork.

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