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This fact was accomplishedin an almost sentimentalwayby the troubadours and minnesingers. Go to game conventions.

She took in the sight before her, of Denise’s brown curls and the hint of her motherly pink slit beneath.

are impotent; he is unable to find asingle cure of homosexuality, and seldom any improvement, due to marriage;nearly always the impulse remains unaffected.

I cannot prove my theory by quoting chapter and verse from ancientwriters, but obviously a feeling of preference could not have arisenuntil individuals had begun to show very noticeable traces ofdifference.

The nymphomaniac who experienced an orgasm at the moment when the knife passed through her clitoris (as recorded by Mantegazza) and the prostitute who experienced keen pleasure when the surgeon removed vegetations from her vulva (as recorded by Féré) took no pleasure in pain, but in one case the intense craving for strong sexual emotion, and in the other the long-blunted nerves of pleasure, welcomed the abnormally strong impulse; and the pain of the incision, if felt at all, was immediately swallowed up in the sensation of pleasure.