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Men need a woman who can satisfy their sexual desire, but who they can also share a sense of emotional closeness with. During this time I picked up a sexual experience that may or may not have been a valuable one, I certainly look back upon it now, with regret, if not with horror. Of the thirteenth century in England Thomas Wright (Homes of Other Days, 1871, p. 271) remarks: “The practice of warm bathing prevailed very generally in all classes of society, and is frequently alluded to in the mediæval romances and stories. All I have ever been able to do in that way is to net and do the simpler forms of needlework; but it seems more natural to me to do, or try to do, everything of that sort, and to play on the piano, rather than to shoot or play games. We cannot assertthat it constitutes an adequate explanation of homosexuality, but itenables us in some degree to understand what for many is a mysteriousriddle, and it furnishes a useful basis for the classification not onlyof homosexuality, but of the other mixed or intermediate sexual anomaliesin the same group. But I never told her this!