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They are fairly simple and uncomplicated;they suggest few obscure problems which call for analysis; they do notbring before us any remarkable perversions of feeling.

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Rebecca smiled at him and told him that she would see about that.

Love was to me a thing ideal and quite apart from lust, and I still think that it is false to try to connect the two. Here’s your place to come talk about sex and love whenever you feel like it.

To which Ellen replied. He was a bit disappointed when she let him know that they had a busy schedule for the day, but he did brighten up when she promised him an evening he would remember for quite a long time. For even when such attempt is successful, it is not usuallypossible to regard the results with much satisfaction.

For example,How is it that certain eyes and lips will enthrall, while others leave uscold and inert? Just the weather and news?

She was getting louder the faster Rebecca went.

Not every girl is ready to date at a certain age.

The attention which thetheologians devoted to its manifestations clearly bears witness to theirmagnitude.

(Marshall and Jolly, Contributions to thePhysiology of Mammalian Reproduction, Philosophical Transactions, 1905,B.

At 12 I learned masturbation, apparently by instinct, and, I regret to say, practised it to excess for the next seven years, always secretly and with shame, and often with the accompaniment of prurient imaginings which did not prevent my relations with those I loved being of a very spiritual nature.