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Thus a minor degree of the masochistic tendency may be said to be fairlycommon, while its more pronounced manifestations are more common thanpronounced sadism.94 It very frequently affects persons of a sensitive,refined, and artistic temperament. There was injury in her mock outrage. Her movements were instinctive; her body was in control, not her mind. His mind was often engrossed with amatory ideas of a poetic, sensuous nature, his sexual experiences having a firm hold on his imagination, while they gave him gratifying assurance of actual knowledge concerning things merely imagined by most of his companions.

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With absolutely no sexual interest in each other, they nevertheless found a great bond of love still subsisting. Hyperesthesia simulates strength, and, while there can be littledoubt that some sexual inverts (and more especially bisexuals) do possessunusual sexual energy, in others it is but apparent; the frequentrepetition of seminal emissions, for example, may be the result ofweakness as well as of strength.

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As Wiltshire,88in his remarkable lectures on the Comparative Physiology ofMenstruation, asserted as a law, the more highly evolved the animal, themore sanguineous the catamenial flow.

It is somewhat remarkable that, so far as I have observed, none of theseauthors refer to the possibility of any heightening of the sexual appetiteat the monthly crisis which they believe to exist in men.

One surprising thing I found was men get far less clicks on profiles than women.

J. Macdonald, Manners, etc., of South African Tribes, Journal of the Anthropological Institute, vol.

Stanley Hall, in the light of a large amount of information heobtained on this point, found that “some children insist on licking thecheeks, necks, and hands of those they wish to caress,” or like havinganimals lick them.200 This impulse in children may be associated withthe maternal impulse in animals to lick the young.