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It is veryremarkable that the perfume of the henna flowers, when closely inhaled, isalmost entirely lost in a very decided spermatic odor. I had never seen her so flushed. The patient was brought up in an orphanage, and was a troublesome,volatile child; she treated household occupations with contempt, but wasfond of study. I think that when 7 or 8 years of age I had a knowledge of the common or vulgar terms for intercourse and for the genital organs. Her perverse inclinations commenced obscurely about the age of 14, when she began to be dominated by the thought of the pleasure it would be to strike and torture a man, but were not clearly defined until the age of 18, while at an early age she was fond of teasing and contradicting men, though she never experienced the same impulse toward women.

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Archives d’Anthropologie Criminelle, Nov. 15, 1900.)

Eric didn’t think anything of it, she loved to read, and the library was a norm at their house.