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Let me be pure again. There was something so satisfying in being held so close. Up to the age of 14 I felt much perplexed and depressed by my views on sexual desire, and was convinced that they were peculiar to myself.

One of the friends should also disguise himself as anastrologer and declare the future good fortune and wealth of his friendby showing the existence of all the lucky omens43 and signs,44 thegood influence of planets, the auspicious entrance of the sun into asign of the Zodiac, propitious stars and fortunate marks on his body.

(I have chiefly taken into consideration the figures for; the figures for 1896 are somewhat abnormal and irregular, probably owing to a decrease in readers, attributed to increased activity in trade, and partly to a disturbing influence caused by the opening of a large new library in the course of the year, suddenly increasing the number of readers, and drafting off borrowers from some of the other libraries.)

His earliest recollections show an attraction for males.

“Love,” he maintained, fullyagreeing with the poets, “gives to a man the strength of chastity, forhe whose heart is brimming over with the love of a woman, cannot thinkof dallying with another, however beautiful she may be.”

I decided I didn’t want to stay around and get yelled at so I went back to town.

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