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The realsignificance of the less tactile sensibility of the genital region inwomen is to be found in parturition and the special liability of thesexual region in women to injury.81 The women who are less sensitive inthis respect would be better able and more willing to endure the risks ofchildbirth, and would therefore tend to supplant those who were moresensitive. It is precisely between the ages of fifteen and twenty-three, as Stockman found by an analysis of his own cases (British Medical Journal, December 14, 1895), that the majority of cases occur; there was, indeed, he found, no case in which the first onset was later than the age of twenty-three. Many of us, it seems, like shy guys.

russian dating comsearch

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The American Elizabeth Patterson, before she became Madame JeromeBonaparte, could write, “I love Jerome Bonaparte, and I prefer to be hiswife, were it only for a day, to the happiest union.”

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