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A few years ago a nurse girl in New York was sentenced to prison for cruelty to the baby in her charge.

We have here a remarkable, but not an isolated, example of the tendency ofthe human mind in its development to rebel against the claims of primitivenature.

It isnot difficult to understand why this should be.

And the tragedy of our fate is that we whose souls vibrate only to the touch of the hand of Eros are faced with the fiercest taboo of all that can give our lives meaning. This loyalty offends and infuriates the women ofThracia, who divine in it a spirit inimical to a life in harmony withnature. Don Juan, animated by illimitable erotic yearning, is therefore theundisputed master of the other sex. Dollar bills, raunchy photos, and old liquor bottles decorate the space. Rosenstadt concludes that man has inherited from animal ancestors a physiological custom which has probably been further favored by climatic and social conditions.

Hughes, in persons with every appearance of sanity, had knownthe erotic dreams of the night to become the erotic delusions of the day,the patient protesting violently the truth of her story; while Hersmanreports the case242 of a young lady in an asylum who had nightlydelusions that a medical officer visited her every night, and had to dowith her, coming up the hot-air flue. All the evidence, Partridge states, seems to point tothe conclusion that the mental state underlying blushing belongs to thefear family.