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This notion is not supported bythose who have had the most intimate knowledge of these peoples.

Galton could not find that the average results from a fairly large numberof cases indicated that stature, eye-color, or other personalcharacteristics notably influenced sexual selection, as evidenced by acomparison of married couples.180 Karl Pearson, however, in part makinguse of a large body of data obtained by Galton, referring to stature andeye-color, has reached the conclusion that sexual selection ultimatelyresults in a marked degree of parity so far as these characters areconcerned.181 As regards stature, he is unable to find evidence of whathe terms “preferential mating”; that is to say, it does not appear thatany preconceived ideals concerning the desirability of tallness in sexualmates leads to any perceptibly greater tallness of the chosen mate;husbands are not taller than men in general, nor wives than women ingeneral.

The idea of a soul mate, or ‘the one,’ is remarkably dooming when you put the numbers behind it.

Simpson, Obstetric Memoirs, vol.

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