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To this friend, Ernst von Pfuël (afterwardPrussian war minister), Kleist wrote in 1805 at the age of 28: You bringthe days of the Greeks back to me; I could sleep with you, dear youth, mywhole soul so embraces you.

Nothing is known concerning the laws andperiodicity of this oscillating course of development.

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The Physiological Basis of RhythmRhythm as a Physiological StimulusTheIntimate Relation of Rhythm to MovementThe Physiological Influence ofMusic on Muscular Action, Circulation, Respiration, etc.The Place ofMusic in Sexual Selection among the Lower AnimalsIts Comparatively SmallPlace in Courtship among MammalsThe Larynx and Voice in ManTheSignificance of the Pubertal ChangesAncient Beliefs Concerning theInfluence of Music in Morals, Education, and MedicineIts TherapeuticUsesSignificance of the Romantic Interest in Music at PubertyMenComparatively Insusceptible to the Specifically Sexual Influence ofMusicRarity of Sexual Perversions on the Basis of the Sense ofHearingThe Part of Music in Primitive Human CourtshipWomen NotablySusceptible to the Specifically Sexual Influence of Music and the Voice. Use a screen name that you do not use elsewhere (IM, Facebook, bank account, etc). In primitive human courtship music very frequently plays a considerablepart, though not usually the sole part, being generally found as theaccompaniment of the song and the dance at erotic festivals.125 TheGilas, of New Mexico, among whom courtship consists in a prolongedserenade day after day with the flute, furnish a somewhat exceptionalcase. She disappeared down the hall with every single eye watching every swing of her ass as she walked away. I picked her up and carried her to her room and put her on the bed.