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Through four years he never saw the boy naked or touched him pruriently. One of herlais treats the touching story of Lanval and Guinevere, and another anepisode of Tristan and Isolde. More recently Ribot, in his work on the emotions,has vaguely outlined most of the factors of modesty, but has not developeda coherent view of their origins and relationships. There is, however, a closely allied, and, indeed, overlapping form ofauto-erotism which may be considered here: I mean that associated withrevery, or day-dreaming.

While much may be done by physical hygiene and other means to prevent theextension of homosexuality in schools,243 it is impossible, and evenundesirable, to repress absolutely the emotional manifestations of sex ineither boys or girls who have reached the age of puberty.244 It mustalways be remembered that profoundly rooted organic impulses cannot beeffectually combated by direct methods.

I said to myself, ‘I will confess them to the Lord.

Rather, one may say, thedevelopment of urban life renders easier the exhibition and satisfactionof this as of all other forms of perversion.

Thus, even a mainly a priori examination of thematter may lead us to see that many arguments brought forward in favor ofCharcot’s position on this point fall to the ground when we realize thatthe sexual emotions may constitute a highly complex sphere, often hiddenfrom observation, sometimes not conscious at all, and liable to manylesions besides that due to the non-satisfaction of sexual desire.

After that, she came back to me, and we both strolled over to her bedroom.

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