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The older girl told the younger to keep watch a few yards away, while she again brought about intercourse in the same way. She herself generally feels thegreatest indifference to men, and often, cannot understand why a womanshould love a man, though she easily understands why a man should love awoman. Please correct me if I am wrong, but guys who wear baggy pants and a trucker caps are the definition of immaturity. We find a similar phenomenon in the Malay Peninsula:In former days, at harvest-time, the Jakuns kept an annual festival, atwhich, the entire settlement having been called together, fermentedliquor, brewed from jungle fruits, was drunk; and to the accompaniments ofstrains of their rude and incondite music, both sexes, crowning themselveswith fragrant leaves and flowers, indulged in bouts of singing anddancing, which grew gradually wilder throughout the night, and terminatedin a strange kind of sexual orgie. But with a neutral response, this is where things become interesting (and controversial).

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Lawson Tait, however, throws doubts on the reliability of the Committee’s results, which were based on the statements of unintelligent hospital patients.