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(Diary of S. Pepys, ed. These and similar tales, doubtless all of them of Celticoriginpreserved for us in the charming “Lais” of Marie deFrancebrought tears to the eyes of many a lonely wife and gave shapeto her vague longing. The clergy, headed by theDominican and Franciscan monks, introduced Lady Days into the calendarand invented the rosary to facilitate the recital of the Aves; secularorders of knighthood placed themselves under the Virgin’s protection (LaChevalerie de Sainte Marie), but the rarest minds, sublimating thebeloved, raised her into Heaven and worshipped her as divine. The activity is supplied by themusculature of the body through the mastery impulse; the erogenousmucous membrane of the bowel manifests itself above all as an organ witha passive sexual aim, for both strivings there are objects present,which however do not merge together. Sharp, shooting pains in the breasts and especially the nipples.

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Since then it hasbecome possible through the analysis of some cases of nervous disease inthe delicate age of childhood to gain a direct understanding of theinfantile psychosexuality (Jahrbuch für psychoanalytische undpsychopathologische Forschungen, Bd.

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