Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Things to do this week: social media, Wonder and theatre

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Age-gap children, angst-ridden teens, nagging parents. It seems like every parent has suffered from the vague anxiety of struggling to tame their wayward teen. But it’s not just parents who are grappling with issues like social media anxiety – teenagers are facing their own issues too.

Any kind of anxiety can cause teenagers distress. With the use of social media, however, teenagers are more aware of their anxieties and are more likely to express those feelings directly on Instagram, Instagram stories, or Tumblr.

O’Shea’s new book, “There’s A Place For You On The Internet: Teens, Social Media Anxiety, And The Challenges Of Online Self-Portraits,” attempts to provide a response to social media anxiety. O’Shea joined us in the studio to share her thoughts on the lack of support for teens and her background, and explained how one research experiment from undergraduates at Michigan State University used positive training to help treat social media anxiety.

The movie Wonder comes out on Friday, but the legend of the miracle child continues on the stage in Chicago’s Garage Theatre, where Agnes Osborne is presenting her play of the same name, adapted from the novel of the same name by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Adapted and directed by Carol Clancy, the play reflects on the girl and her family, her father (played by Stephen Rushing) and his stresses due to her complicated home life, and her own feelings of abandonment and loneliness in her family.

Learn more about Agnes Osborne’s performance at Theatre Building Chicago in a Video Blog

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