Wednesday, October 20, 2021

CD: Londonderry’s diversity issue

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Bizarre and wistful sentiment among the National party and other nationalist SDLP who contend that it is they who are behind the surge in support for a United Ireland is making it all the more difficult for the constituency to change.

Ulster deserves better and perhaps it is time the SDLP joined the black community and started delivering for the actual town of Londonderry in addition to seeking recognition in furthering a DUP agenda based on control of the province.

It is nonsense to suggest that a more openly independent Afro, Conglomerate and BME community can be created via politics on the floor of Stormont but it is the biggest issue Northern Ireland faces that needs to be understood by voters across our part of the island.

Without a Government providing funds and prioritising the initiatives of civil society, jobs for our youth and raising the profile of our sufferers and survivors of the Troubles as well as the demolition of the hideous nuclear homeless camp in Newtownards and support for a privately-funded facility for those people who need them, a very real danger of nationalist nationalism wallowing for years in their own complacency is real.

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