Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Lukas Podolski: I thought Arsenal were the better team during the entirety of the game against Liverpool

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We came into that game knowing that if we were to win that game we had to score 3-4 goals if it was going to be a convincing win. We were not very pleased with the result so there will be a tough meeting after and there’s no reason for us to be cocky. When they last came here and we went out there we had bad play and tactical mistakes we need to correct.

Since then we’ve had a good game against Manchester United and also lost at Anfield but to be fair to Liverpool I thought they dominated the game and should have won.

So after Liverpool there’s no reason for us to be overconfident and we will go away at home looking to make amends for the last game. This game has major importance for both teams. For Arsenal it’s about trying to challenge Chelsea, for us it’s important because we are still above Spurs so if we can win the game then we could be pushing for second again next week.

Honestly, I think we were better than them on the day. If we look at the way they played, there were times when they would run at us, time and time again. They would have controlled the game if we had won.

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