Thursday, October 21, 2021

Newsweek – The best Christmas jobs

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For nearly seven years, men across the world have secretly vowed to work less and live with less when they open up the box on Christmas morning. That’s where the thoughtless online tool resides, a clever trick my small team has designed to make your eyes light up.

The possibilities are endless. You could claim to be working the one and only all-nighter. You could work through the weekend to perfect your pitch, make and sell any right the business you dreamed up, or even make some new friends.

Honestly, if a friend asked you to work longer hours, you’d do it… you just wouldn’t tell them. Not just because you love your profession and want to provide for your family, but because it makes you a more interesting person to be with and harder to dismiss. So instead of working those long hours, you should be stealing a pass and starting your Christmas project immediately.

You might even just lie to your partner about how many hours you’ve been working, not wanting to put that big a dent in their finances. This can also make you a better partner, and if you’re scoring points with your other half, the gesture could also give you a power over them that you never thought you could have. is a premium online property operated by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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