Thursday, October 21, 2021

Samantha Bee, Louis CK and Gregory Hines: the brilliance of the televised awards

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Presenters are on hand to grace us with their social value coupled with their undeniable excellence. This award season these qualities have come together to form a huge night of excitement as we eagerly anticipate what’s to come.

Image copyright REX/Shutterstock

Sir Ben Kingsley with Sandra Oh, co-host of the 69th Annual Tony Awards

Image copyright ABC Image caption The pair will be hosting the awards with Sara Bareilles

Image copyright Zade Rosenthal Image caption Jamie Bell as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray

Image copyright AMC Image caption He’ll be trying to stop the Dames of Broadway title track from nicking his Tony

Image copyright Sony Pictures Television Image caption Angela Lansbury in Murder, She Wrote

Image copyright QUEEN Image caption She will be showing us how to sing every note of Mambo No. 5

Image copyright HBO Image caption Dame Edna, once again, gets to play herself to devastating effect

Image copyright SONY/PASCAL BARRON

Image copyright NBC Image caption Now that we can see him on screen, our Downton Abbey fans are eagerly awaiting when his release date is


Image copyright Xposure Image caption If they win, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stars Rachel Bloom and Scott Michael Foster could make a great couple

Image copyright KELSEY GRIFFIN / CC BY-SA 2.0 Image caption Broadway legend Carol Channing will appear with Betty Buckley and Audra McDonald

Image copyright TAUCHANAY FILES / CC BY-SA 3.0 Image caption Jeff Daniels as Fischer Ingerman, one of the Oscars’ biggest winners

Image copyright DEBORAH CHAMBLISS/AP Image caption Her Mad Men character put so much tension into Madison Ave. with her loud dresses and flirtatious mannerisms

Image copyright FRANK SAKA/EPA Image caption This young company will be using tech to bring the Munch painting The Scream to life

Image copyright AMAZON

Image copyright TONYA FERRETT / EMPICS Entertainment Image caption One of the most fascinating nominees in the year’s theatre season, The Play That Goes Wrong, is about to get a whole lot funnier

Image copyright FEST ATNYROX/EPA Image caption The Mandy Patinkin-starring production of The 39 Steps will be so nostalgic it will take some of us back to the 80s

Image copyright KIRSTEN FRAZIER / EPA Image caption American drag queen Lady Bunny returns to New York after four years off to do a run of her Broadway show – which never doesn’t make the evening more fun

Image copyright DAVID J. PHILLIP / STAR MAX MEGA-HERMAN/REX / SHUTTERSTOCK Image caption Multiple Tony winner Julie Harris will be welcomed with open arms

Image copyright AUSTIN RASICK / SHUTTERSTOCK Image caption A cast of Greek tragedies that’s also worth coming to see

Image copyright ALBERTO GABRIEL / REX / SHUTTERSTOCK Image caption Any guesses as to how Lucy Liu will be remembered in later years?

Image copyright SINITTA VON FRAZIER / EPA Image caption If she wins, Vanessa Hudgens will be making us cry with her performance in If/Then

Image copyright NATALIE BRENNER/AP Image caption Julie Taymor’s circus of talents is one of the most buzzed about shows of the season

Image copyright HOLLY DRUCKER/AFP/Getty Images Image caption Nicholas Berggruen will soon be in your computer but will be upstaged by Cher when she wins a Tony for her revival of the musical Gypsy

Image copyright REX / SHUTTERSTOCK Image caption Hairspray has attracted so much attention it makes the night’s going to be tough to contain

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