Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Now we know why Facebook wants to sell $1,200 ‘head phones’ to make you feel like you’re in the ocean

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If you’ve ever thought you should call your very own personal marine biologist, Facebook’s new contact lenses are perfect for you. You’ll be able to look at posts and videos from people around the world and see what they’re thinking. A spokesperson from the social network spoke with the BBC to reveal that Facebook will have released these glasses, also called “Facebook specs,” for sale by the end of 2018.

These contacts will take photos and videos of what you see, much like the Google Glass project. Another difference: These lenses have two cameras on them, one on the front and one on the back. Your Facebook contacts are set to detect people’s eyes and they will automatically make eye contact when they look straight at you. The spokesperson told the BBC that the company has been working on these glasses for over two years, beginning in 2016.

So, do we still want them? Before you start screaming “Monopoly, my dog is actually a cat, you are insane!”, the spokesperson told the BBC that they hope to provide a “positive contribution to society” while minimizing discomfort and difficulties for “people with vision problems and aging parents.” They aren’t the first tech company to try to create a Glass-like project, but they might be the only company that has recently achieved a similar sell-out.

These glasses might work for someone who just wants to know their favorite news channel by feel rather than looking at it on a screen. They might even be suitable for those who do not like scrolling through the web for every news update. Unfortunately, if you’re one of those people who likes to scroll through your friends’ pages for some Facebook stimulation, the number of people who feel the same way could range anywhere from zero to a billion.

Do you get a pain in your eyes just from looking at others? Does anyone? I hear they work for nails, too.

Originally published at The Washington Post.

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