Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Brit Hume: Exit Polls Show Democrats Could Be Rewarded For Entering Coalition With Left-Loudenizers

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Exit polls form the German election give Gabriel “Glad’s” Emmerich (der char mit dieder) (Catastrophe) some time in his throne. A new exit poll from German television on Bild’s website says, “Based on polls, even a left-wing ‘grand coalition’ between Social Democrats and Greens could prove desirable, given that conservative Christian Democratic Union have less than 40 percent and are likely to end up with the lowest score of any German party since the reunification of Germany.”

Former Fox News Political Director and National Correspondent, Brit Hume, is FOX News senior political analyst, and author of America a Great: How Great Nations Shape History; co-author of History and the Future


Shouts and whistles greeted leaders of both parties as they entered a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the next government. Exit polls on Thursday gave the Social Democratic Party, which has been a partner with the conservatives since 2013, about 29 percent of the vote and enough to force a coalition that is in tune with its left wing but not far from the traditional conservative values of the Christian Democrats.

Hume says, “The question at this point is, how did they rise so high, which is why I keep quoting Senator Jeff Flake on the night President Trump was elected, saying if they get elected, we’ll all end up better off.”

FOX’s Shannon Bream reported from Berlin…

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