Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Apple superfans ahead of the iPhone 8, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac Pro and Apple Watch 12.9 release

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iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro 13 is a new fourth-generation tablet from Apple that updates the most powerful iPad yet and takes it to a new screen size: the biggest Apple has ever produced. It boasts an impressive 10.5-inch screen, but no home button with Touch ID. The 2017 iPad Pro is only seven inches.

Apple has introduced a new ‘smart connector’ which sits between the Lightning port and the bottom edge. This enables you to swap accessories for cameras, speakers and power in the same way as charging peripherals. A bunch of accessory makers, like Mophie, have already promised support for these new connectors.

5G iPhone

This is where the red hot consumer tech buzz finally reaches a fever pitch. An iPhone that connects to the fastest mobile network in the world, called 5G, to download data at up to 10x faster than 4G. That’s 50GB or so of video a month! This product was announced at WWDC and we have been waiting ever since, as the supposed (and now confirmed) launch date is reportedly just around the corner.

These kinds of technologies can only be enabled by large networks and will require multi-billion dollar carriers across the world. This means that Apple is introducing this technological breakthrough in time for the 2020 Olympics. Seems rather like a nicely timed little trick. Who will be the new Mascot of the 2020 Olympics?

Apple Touch Bar

The iconic metal-edged rear casing of the XC and 8 gets a makeover, becoming an attractive, lighter chassis. The MacBook Pro 13 ditches the Touch Bar to reduce the overall size of the device.

The Touch Bar hasn’t been universally welcomed by critics. But it’s actually pretty handy, especially when you want to unlock the laptop, sign into your Apple ID, or control an app. It makes for good games and photography. Maybe Apple have more to offer with this feature after all.

New iMac

This was the equivalent of Steve Jobs unveiling the first iPhone. The new iMac Pro, the more powerful of the new iMac Pro line, hits shops in December. It is said to be at least 20% more powerful than all other computers combined.

And that’s pretty spectacular. With graphical performance that is so far higher than the workstation PCs being sold, it could be hailed as the new jack of all trades computer. This computer can be split into various upgrades, such as more RAM and additional storage.

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