Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Trump supporters are calling for more audits after Arizona proved Biden won the election (again)

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Trump Supporters Are Calling For More Audits After Arizona Proved Biden Won The Election (Again)

Though Barack Obama became the first black president in 2008, Joseph Biden won the state in 2008, but lost in 2012. For years, this has long been referred to as a statistical curiosity because of how close the race was between the two candidates. Now, thanks to Donald Trump’s popularity in Arizona – the fourth state Trump has won by more than 10 points – the state of Obama’s presidency is once again being dissected.

“I believe Mr Trump was grossly overstated and now we have a document proving that Mr Obama is [the] legitimately elected president of the United States,” Arizona Senate president Andy Biggs said on the Senate floor, referring to a court filing. “As we learned today, this Republican-majority Legislature, this Republican president of the United States, is not going to let a few imaginary votes of only a handful of people in a few tiny counties in one state deter it from following its constitutional responsibilities.”

In recent days, a legal team for a class action fraud lawsuit against Trump University, filed in California, argued the election was “landslide”, citing an estimated 100,000 invalid ballots, as well as about 590,000 voters who were disenfranchised by refusing to accept Trump’s citizenship, as the “smoking gun” for the election’s outcome.

Judith Lichtman, one of the attorneys in the class action case, says she has filed 794 so-called “peaceful ballots” to create a list of uncounted ballots. “Under the laws of Arizona, we do get peaceful ballots,” she says. “Basically people know not to have them counted because we don’t know who they’re going to count for – are they going to be counted for their name or their party affiliation? So if people don’t read the instructions, they don’t know what to do. That is why they sign a ballot peaceably – like they will not be counted for themselves.”

Lichtman says it’s her “hope” she can get 3,000 peaceful ballots to be counted in all. More than 1,400 of the 794 ballots have been mailed.

“If we were given a ballot, just like people who were able to vote in Texas and they were sent by mail,” she says, “we would have had elections that were absolutely over and there would have been no notice of the recount and I think the whole election process would have been obstructed.”

Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer was also overjoyed with the 11-point margin between Trump and Clinton. “I couldn’t be happier that the majority in the state of Arizona cast their votes for President,” she said in a statement. “Trump made a solid claim of the presidency tonight in Arizona.”

On Facebook, within seconds of Trump’s victory speech, scores of his supporters were declaring he did in fact win the election.

“Obama successfully stole the election in 2012,” Barry Dellagampone wrote. “Lets hope the Republicans win 2016 so we can make it official again!”

Myter Holton, also on Facebook, wrote, “This is so definitely clear. I’m excited about this. [Trump] was clearly the rightful winner tonight.”

“The black vote is wonderful but they can’t overturn it if they can’t find some uncounted … elections in FL and AR,” Red Tack wrote. “They must be using Mexican indentured servants and undocumented aliens,” Mike Todd added.

Others weren’t buying it, though. “Dear members of the media,” wrote Trey Scott, “are you really calling Trump the winner??? No. That is why it didn’t happen.”

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