Thursday, October 21, 2021

The AP PODCAST: Info About Venezuela’s Chaos, the Murder of North Korea’s No. 2 and Brazil Deploying Troops to Quell Protests

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Caracas: Venezuela Army chief Virgilio R. Valencia was rushed to hospital Saturday night with high blood pressure, and later died at 7:30 a.m. Sunday. His cousin, who also serves as a military officer in Colombia, was arrested in Bogota.

Citizens’ Army: Argosy exercises its powers in Brazil’s interior

Brazil is deploying troops and military aircraft to quell a wave of clashes between colonists and indigenous activists in the Amazon region, according to a spokesman for the Brazilian armed forces, which is taking over the role of preserving what is known as the “Crimean Cataract.”

A South Korean investigation into a suspected North Korean connection to the murder of a person in northern South Korea on July 19 led police to arrest a member of a real estate agency suspected of having links to the North. The case remains a delicate one, as police arrested the man on Friday but charged him only with tax evasion and violating professional duties. The suspect may be the second man arrested, from South Korea, who might have been involved in the crime.

The Movement to Defend Traditional Marriage in Italy: Married-same-sex couples are getting married in Italy, prompting the government to provide social security benefits to gay couples on top of those provided to heterosexual couples. The Union of Impartial Petitioners for Marriage Equality wants to prevent marriage to gay couples.

Ford Motor: Europe is booming: Profits more than tripled in Europe in the first half of 2018, and operating profit in the United States climbed 13 percent. Ford, which has been struggling to turn around the European business, was able to escape serious losses because of investments in electric cars and new technologies.

Brazil’s Supreme Court removed leftist President Michel Temer on Thursday, bringing an end to his more than two years in office and setting the stage for a wide-ranging corruption investigation into other high-ranking members of his political party. Temer took office in 2016 in the midst of an economic crisis and the worst political crisis of Brazil’s modern history.

AP Top Stories September 25

Israeli Flotilla Attack: The Palestinians, whose civilians were killed aboard an Israeli military boat participating in a flotilla that sought to break Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip, have responded angrily to the Israeli prosecutor’s findings released on Friday. Israel’s attorney general cited evidence that it was a legitimate operation, though defense officials argued Friday that the prosecutor committed an injustice by accepting certain evidence without providing alternatives.


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