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Top 10 2015 cars that save lives

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Editor’s Note — this post is originally published on August 6, 2016. We’ve updated with new rankings for 2020 cars and trucks.

An important part of a car purchase is probably getting a good deal and getting what you want. Every time you go shopping for a new car, the dealership looks at what’s on your current car and makes an attempt to get you to sign up for the lease you’ve been hesitant to end. In an effort to get you to make the transfer, the dealership will often spend money on a new model, but it won’t necessarily fit your needs.

The trick is to choose the car that meets your needs and doesn’t fall into a category the dealership knows you won’t fit. We’ve developed a ranking of automotive features to help you make that decision.

1. Hands-free cellphone calling

The 2017 Dodge Charger actually has a so-called Hands Free feature, which allows drivers to use their phones while they’re driving. Some cars also allow you to use your hands while driving for GPS directions and other functions, such as using Google maps and adjusting music to your music player.

2. Front-seat entertainment

The Ford Edge has front-seat entertainment, which includes a set of eight screens that rise above the center dashboard when you turn a phone sideways or provide screen access for programs, games and other entertainment.

3. Bluetooth phone

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler has voice-activated Bluetooth phone calling that allows you to simply say “Hold 1” and the app will dial the number you want.

4. Brake assist

The Audi Q7, Volkswagen Passat and Cadillac XT5 have brake assist, which allows the driver to set a proximity warning level and brake automatically when the driver reaches those levels. In 2018, the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 also have this feature.

5. Traffic jam assist

The 2018 Acura RLX and 2012 Acura MDX have traffic jam assist, which prevents a vehicle from backing into the space between two cars that are stopped in traffic.

6. Integrated climate control

The 2016 Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Expedition and 2017 Lincoln Navigator have integrated climate control, which gives the driver easy access to the necessary functions with the push of a button.

7. Time tracking and the wireless charging

It’s important to have enough storage in the trunk to store all your various luggage, concert tickets, suitcases and more, and Nissan’s Leaf Electric car comes with built-in time tracking to automatically calculate how much time you have until your next scheduled appointment.

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