Thursday, October 21, 2021

The 704 deaths linked to Red Bull

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Red Bull has become increasingly synonymous with death since it purchased Monster Beverage Corporation in 2013. With roots dating back to 1981, the energy drink maker is a prime market for blaming a villain we don’t want to name for the deaths of more than 300 people since 2006 who ingested potentially deadly doses of the drink.

People’s willingness to accept the overt goal of making everyone sick, apparently, is striking. And Red Bull hasn’t suffered just from disgruntled caffeine quenchers opting for a different treatment for their grief. The company has quietly expanded its number of deaths by brand to 704 from 400 after it took over Monster.

That is nearly as many fatalities as the 1950 Spanish Flu epidemic that killed at least 536,000 worldwide.

For comparison’s sake, consider also this: In 2010, the American and Swiss Federal Coroner’s offices reported that 240 people had died from swine flu alone.

In this age of fear, we need to question how nearly 200 other deaths at or near a similar age come to be associated with a single company. The ambiguous death toll at Red Bull that we are currently seeing is larger than anticipated and it is harder than ever to name the specific cause of death that was contributed to by the energy drink.

Red Bull admits that it “cannot be absolutely certain” that it is the only company behind the other deaths. But it would be remiss if we don’t take a second look at its track record, as it is the only one which has discussed and named the specific deaths in question.

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