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World’s longest sonic wave wave poses danger to TV, wreaks havoc in Devon

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An unprecedented event of a “sonic wave” completely consuming Channel 4 stations is continuing to disrupt television viewing with a massive sonic-wave wave lasting the entire afternoon.

This is the third day the Channel 4 broadcasts have been impacted by a sonic-wave emanating from Scotland.

Trace the source of the sonic wave outbreak HERE — Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) March 19, 2019

The waves were caught on camera by broadcaster HILFM as an accumulation before dawn in Kingsbridge, Devon and were reported throughout Cornwall.

The noise was heard all over the UK as the wave spread all the way to Yorkshire and Devon.

Could tonight’s brilliant news or science review be ON-AIR just as I’m earing it? @geneworldshyd then under @admonimk — Paul Kenny (@PaulKennyITV) March 19, 2019

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said that the vibrations caused could affect homes and businesses worth as much as £10.5 billion. The noise is believed to be electromagnetic waves, which is the second least common source of disturbance to residents and businesses.

It was first reported last Friday, with the wave coinciding with cuts to Channel 4’s Welsh news channel, which had to cut off 10 per cent of its staff due to government funding cuts.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 told Huffington Post that viewers shouldn’t be concerned: “As always, Channel 4’s broadcasting runs independently of other organisations. The waves that we were alerted to Friday evening are around seismic activity – that is, earthquakes – that happen naturally in the UK.”

Warning to nocturnal viewers, Kameel Nazzal, HILFM director, said: “Shockwaves, including sonic waves that emanate from Scottish seismic events, are heard in the strongest gusts of wind. The reason why they are deemed to be a hazard is not due to damaging physical effects to humans, but rather due to the higher energy emitted.

“There is an analogy with chemical devices. For a chemical facility, if it emits a gas in a cloud that has a significantly higher energy than the surrounding air it is known as atmospheric chemical phenomena. Such chemical phenomena can impact the air pollution which we inhale or get inhaled and by so doing can be disruptive to health in that human beings are inhaling or getting inhaled in higher amounts as a result of stress caused by these phenomena.”

The biggest sonic wave wave event was reported last August by Floridian Bob Kerns, who was stuck in Lake Okeechobee after Irma struck.

Read the full story at Newser and Huffington Post


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