These shows could win awards, but will they?

The fall TV season is upon us and many of the big shows promise to keep the audience. Spoiler alert: there are several young shows that could take home a slew of awards, but one …

The fall TV season is upon us and many of the big shows promise to keep the audience. Spoiler alert: there are several young shows that could take home a slew of awards, but one might pull off an upset against the odds.

4. Nurse Jackie

By the time the 2017 season ended, TV critics were mourning the show’s unexpected spin-off. But it’s got so much going for it, showrunner Clyde Phillips is just as excited as the fans to see what it’s going to be.

Which again begs the question: Will this become a “prequel” to Jackie’s rise to stardom? And will the one-two punch of Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays her longtime addict girlfriend, and Linda Lavin, who plays Jackie’s increasingly self-destructive mother, guarantee success? (We think not.)

5. The Americans

The timing of season six couldn’t be better: The Emmy race is sure to push the show up another notch. And why shouldn’t it? It’s unlike anything else on TV.

The series has cleaned up at the TV academy before, nabbing a pair of nods last year and picking up statuettes for Matthew Rhys, and Keri Russell. The only gap this year has already been filled by the show’s dazzling lead beauty performance from Holly Taylor.

But who will be able to kick up a fuss to push it up the list this year? Is it Rhys and Russell or Taylor and Justin Salinger? Who is on the series that could make an impact? It’s been five seasons, no ratings drop-off yet, why not? The Cold War thriller wouldn’t do anything to shake the board’s popularity quo. We’re hoping for Salinger. We’re crossing our fingers.

6. The Good Doctor

Not only was The Good Doctor the highest-rated new show last year – two million people couldn’t live without this cute romp with an autism telepath – but this season they’re going to have a 50-50 shot at a nomination for outstanding drama series.

The only one to beat them is maybe, The Americans. But doesn’t the show to beat feel like it’s a rarity? Not only is The Good Doctor an original show in a sea of musicals and legal dramas, but it’s also only on at 9pm. Maybe the academy can flex some creativity this year by changing up its slot.

So, who’s still ranked ahead of them? The Alienist? The Handmaid’s Tale? Man with a Plan? The Magicians? Nope – take a deep breath, and exhale. These shows are fighting for second, not first.

Unless, of course, ABC’s Designated Survivor is nominated, which we assume they can get a play out of since it’s already won.

7. Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men could well repeat their success from this year’s Rythm & Blues genre, delivering a second smash hit with their modern take on N’awlins classics “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” and “End of the Road”.

We were wrong about last year: this is real. Let’s not wait until 2019, though.

8. Hands of Stone

Another long-shot offering. Which is why we can’t wait to see what set-to movie star Robert De Niro has up his sleeve for what is his first acting role since 2010. In this documentary, the two-time Academy Award winner tells the incredible true story of the late Panamanian boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, chronicling his time at the top of the heavyweight division, and chronicling his time away from the ring, during which he became a well-respected sports broadcaster, actor and author.

It’s up against up-and-comers like Bosch, Killing Eve, The Conners, M.A.S.H. spin-off McCartneys, Queer Eye and Scorpion. (And in this Oscar-heavy year, if a word search of those eight shows bring up the word “rape” it could be The Haunting of Hill House). But someone needs to take a chance on this. It could win an Oscar.

9. Marc Maron

A self-proclaimed “woke funnyman” as much as a talk-show host, Marc Maron has a way of completely charmed audiences, making them laugh with him as much as they do with him on his

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