Sunday, October 24, 2021

“R. Kelly is Martin Luther King Jr.”

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“He’s a Vietnam veteran; he’s got a Purple Heart. Did you see that guy walk out of there with his black hat on? That man, man is one of the most godlike heroes there is. And that he can be crucified for what he did on tape, and all of this other bulls***! I’m going to show you what he did on tape.” — Attorney Steven Greenberg

CNN has confirmed that R. Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg, did, in fact, compare the disgraced singer to Martin Luther King Jr. and Elvis Presley during closing arguments in the Chicago-born R&B star’s sex-trafficking trial. Greenberg was referencing the footage Kelly filmed of him allegedly having sex with an underage girl.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Greenburg said at the trial this past Tuesday: “I just want to tell you that his supporters have been constantly campaigning to talk to the Chicago Sun-Times, to talk to reporters, to have a boycott of the newspaper. They’re trying to burn this newspaper down. This is not fair! This is not right!”

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