Thursday, October 21, 2021

Friendship Extraordinaire Jimmy Simmons Of Sea Kangaroos On His Mere 6 Bits [PODCAST]

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Long time friends,

Jimmy’s on another winning mission with Team Sea Kangaroos. He’s joined by our Future Food Issues Podcasts host, Robert Schiff, to talk about his amazing journey. Plus, check out his latest catch-up album with the Mars Society!

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Here’s how we get from East to West:

I’m Matt Bubala and that’s ‘Fox News Talk.’

Good morning. I’m Matt Bubala. You know, here’s a question: What is the DNA of a champion? A slimmer, smarter, faster? You bet it’s not a ‘winnier’ crew.

It’s not genetics that gets you to the top of your profession. It’s business skills like leadership, recruiting, motivating, leading and competition. It’s also a great deal of talent and years of experience in the field. My friend Jimmy Simmons, of Sea Kangaroos, can answer the question about South India’s first-ever space tourist.

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Also, before this, Jimmy competed as a jumper in the Atlanta Olympics’ finals of gymnastics. It was only four years ago, but Jimmy has always been good in the long jump. He’s even good enough to do that race at the Olympic Trials.

Click here to support Jimmy on the quest to live by Francis Bacon’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by being more motivated, more healthy, more organized, more careful, more effective, more content and more positive.

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