Thursday, October 21, 2021

Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Join Huawei Technology Executive Meng Wanzhou’s Case

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Huawei technology executive Meng Wanzhou has reportedly reached a plea deal in U.S. court, according to a report.

FOX’s Heather Childers reports from the White House:

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was expected to answer charges related to violating U.S. sanctions against Iran in a Detroit courtroom Tuesday, but Judge Sean Cox told her and her attorney at the federal court house he couldn’t be sure she’d have to go through with it.

Last month, Meng appeared briefly in an extradition hearing in the same court, but Cox told both sides he wanted more information before approving her extradition. He told Meng’s attorney both sides were well prepared, but said he needed more clarity to make a call.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to join the case after a deal is struck. A deal would mean the U.S. puts the case on hold, giving Meng more time to negotiate a plea. Her lawyer warned her trial would be a hardship on Meng and her family.

Meng, the daughter of the founder of the company has been in custody since her arrest in Vancouver in December.

At the White House, Heather Childers, FOX News.

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