Thursday, October 21, 2021

The View From Cheyenne: Liz Cheney Goes Solo, Defies GOP Chairman

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Ms. Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, on Wednesday launched her campaign for Congress in Wyoming, vowing that if elected, she would stand up to the party’s new chairman, Steve Stivers.

Speaking to reporters in Cheyenne, Ms. Cheney said she had been told by many Republicans “in a gentle way” that she should forget about running for a seat previously held by GOP Congressman Liz Cheney.

“I’m saying I need to take that to heart, and it’s unfortunate,” she said.

She added that she could win the race.

“I don’t have to take that to heart,” she said. “This is a state that’s got a long history of turning out its voters at the highest levels.”

Speaking to reporters later in the day, Ms. Cheney said: “I think I can absolutely win reelection.”

She said she was talking to people who “love” President Trump and Republicans in Congress, but there was another group of people who objected to the way the president was acting, particularly over his approach to national security.

Ms. Cheney said those concerns weren’t impacting his reelection chances.

“I don’t think he’s had to listen to those [repeated] concerns from the ‘silent majority,’” she said.

Ms. Cheney said she hoped voters would heed her warnings about Mr. Trump, but also rejected the idea that she was being disruptive to the party.

“I was never disruptive,” she said. “This is just a natural reaction to loudness, in my view.”

She argued that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s move to oppose the passage of a measure that would put into law the president’s recent agreement with South Korea “demonstrates a complete lack of leadership.”

The proposed legislation would prevent North Korea from building new missiles capable of reaching the United States.

Ms. Cheney voiced her opposition to the legislation in the GOP’s weekly address.

“I’m proud to stand with our commander in chief and millions of Americans across the country in welcoming America’s allies back from war,” she said.

With just under four months to go until the primary, Ms. Cheney acknowledged that she has far less time to run than she has to win a nomination.

“I’m just saying, as far as the folks who feel strongly about me, I’m seeing those same people,” she said. “I’m telling them, listen, if you want to be a cheerleader and do your best cheerleading for this president who’s signed on to our best interests, I would recommend you vote for me.”

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