Thursday, October 21, 2021

Should you quit after Facebook’s ‘World Forum on Muslim and Non-Muslim Religious Freedom’ went viral?

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How can you possibly leave a job after doing the impossible? No, I’m not talking about leaving your job in an ethical manner. More an important question, why do you think Facebook expected this person to stay on? And how is that a human being working for this company possibly not able to see that their actions are immoral, even if it’s inconvenient to say that?

On 13 March, Facebook’s Prophet Mohammed campaigner reportedly quit over hate speech. Here are a few reasons for the outrage.

A 42-year-old man from New Delhi, Prabhat Kazmi, turned his Facebook account off after he failed to defuse the controversy surrounding his company’s “World Forum on Muslim and Non-Muslim Religious Freedom” in January.

The event, which was “led” by the man behind anti-Muslim trolls online, Rushdi Saheb (read “troll” in English) and which claimed that the Prophet Mohammed had abandoned Islam in favour of Hinduism, was attended by more than 40 Facebook executives including Pichai, along with senior officials from the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Kazmi told the Indian Express: “This is the worst issue for me because I am a Muslim. That’s the reason why I fought against it. I am a strong believer in the real teaching of my religion. Islam teaches us kindness and peaceful relations with others.”

Although the event featured other esteemed speakers, such as Indian corporate magnate Kunal Kapoor and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the address made by Rushdi provoked overwhelming condemnation from the Indian media. The conference even resulted in uproar on social media where many hailed it as “ludicrous” and accused its organisers of engaging in hate speech.

While the ruckus sparked outrage online, it was in the company’s favour and despite deleting hundreds of controversial posts, Facebook expected the man and his organisation to stay on and work for them.

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