Thursday, October 21, 2021

Violent death of homeless man highlighted of ‘shocking treatment’

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Council says no one had permission to use Saxon Hall in Kentas Manor Park, which it would not buy

The chief executive of a council said the violent death of a homeless man who was found beaten and covered in blood with an arrow embedded in his head was a “shocking reminder” of what some people living on the streets have to put up with.

The man, named locally as Tony Martin, who lived for a number of years in the Saxon Hall caravan site in Kentas Manor Park, was found in a pool of blood in his caravan on Friday night.

A man, thought to be 46, was arrested on suspicion of murder and was in police custody on Sunday night. A spokesperson for Kent police said the arrest came after the discovery of a number of weapons, including a bloodied spear, a sawn-off shotgun and a bow and arrow. A pink Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments are thought to have been in the man’s caravan.

Martin’s partner, Kristen, told the South East Daily Times that she believed the attacker, who remained at large on Sunday, was someone she had known for years. The 48-year-old said she was “disgusted” at how her partner was treated.

The Spire hospital, where Martin was taken after being found badly injured, is 45 miles away from the Saxon Hall site in Ramsgate.

Kent county council, which owns Kentas Manor Park, said there was no permission to use the site by local people – something it would not buy.

Cllr Joe Harrington, Kent’s cabinet member for housing, said: “This is a shocking reminder that those who live on our streets often have to put up with a shocking level of callousness and disregard for them. Kentas Manor Park is a beautiful reserve and it is the responsibility of the council to maintain it and provide services.

“We sympathise with those who live there and some of our proposals to address homelessness are already well underway and we are working hard with Kent police to ensure they provide the support they need to make progress. This is a very sensitive case and we would be grateful for the help of Kent residents who can offer any assistance.”

A council spokesman confirmed the caravan was “rented privately by a third party”.

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