Thursday, October 21, 2021

Trailer Tuesday: A look at our favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror series

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Tonight, you’ll get to know the stars of La Brea with a trailer for NBC’s newest drama. The series tells the story of six interconnecting interconnected stories revolving around a complex collection of artists and ex-cons. Artists and ex-cons. Is there any better way to describe it?

La Brea stars Adan Canto, Indira Varma, Duane Martin, Wilson Bethel, Jefferson White, Alana De La Garza, Brad Davis, Garrett Morris, Raquel Castro, Tichina Arnold, Rich Sommer, Tasya Teles, and Jay Hernandez.

For your complete list of Tuesday season premieres and finales, see the table-top section in this edition of “Trailer Tuesday.”

Here is a roundup of the most-watched science fiction/fantasy/horror series of all time, including a few that are still on the air:


Every season of this series on NBC is an update on a theme. The second season takes place at a neuroscience institute that shows signs of a deep scientific breakdown. Despite that, Alphas continues to cast an extremely deep dark cloud over their normal operation.


Joss Whedon’s science fiction series just premiered on FOX last year, and it has been one of the few remaining favorites in the entire Arrowverse. If you enjoyed the genre adventure/far-out science fiction of Firefly, then you are going to want to pay close attention to this series, with its stunning special effects and dizzying space battles.


This was the science fiction show that taught us how to really get the hell off our asses. If you’re just starting to think that a show like Firefly is a big, stupid idea, look at the positivity that Fireblake brought to television.

Farscape focused on John Crichton, an adventurer and a doctor working to defy and fight his darker sides.


Star Jim Starlin is seriously one of the best characters in all of fiction, if not the best. If you need proof, then look no further than his work on Firefly. If I had a season-pass to The Authority, I’d be part of Starlin’s science fiction empire.

Total Recall

It’s been 19 years since Richard “Dick” Baker took his first “imaginary friend” to Mars and we haven’t been able to get over that. So, whatever good sense one might have at that point, good use of movie science fiction lingo, you have been rendered powerless with the return of Baker’s Philip K. Dick robot.

Total Recall doesn’t have much in common with a story like “Wild Wild West” or “Solo Man of Steel,” but it still offers you massive eye candy. We’re talking about a London skyline taken straight out of “Blade Runner,” and deep robot talk that no one has ever believed on television.

Star Trek: Next Generation

We thought the “Star Trek” series on CBS was a one-off, no longer a part of the Trek universe but we had to add the “Next Generation” into the list anyway. The Warp Warp never rang true on the series, but one of the big goals of the show was to bring “Star Trek” down to Earth. Once things are done, we’re going to have “Star Trek: IDW” and we’re already halfway there.

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