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So, also, at an earlier period, it was termed (according to Cloquet) by Cardano. It isundoubtedly true that only married women are among some peoples clothed,the unmarried women, though full grown, remaining naked. While, however, it is the rule for the permanent direction of the sexual impulse to be decided by the age of 20, that age is too early to permit us to speak positively, especially in a youth whose adolescent undifferentiated or homosexual impulses are fostered by university life. Professor Bechterew has recorded the case of a young marriedlady who, from childhood, wherever she might bein friends’ houses, inthe street, in her own drawing-roomhad always experienced an involuntaryand forcible emission of urine, which could not be stopped or controlled,whenever she laughed; the bladder was quite sound and no muscular effortproduced the same result. But I’m more thankful for here and now.

We understand the pain of not feeling in control of your dating life.

I remember, because I was there.

Calling it an emptiness doesn’t do it justice.

It is quite true, a lady writes to me in a private letter, that ‘coquetry is a poor thing,’ and that every milkmaid can assume it, but a woman uses it principally in self-defence, while she is finding out what the man himself is like.